20 simple and effective job search tips on LinkedIn

Linkedin Profile and Resume Writing Tips

In this article I will discuss how to find a job through social network LinkedIn. These tips will not be useful for representatives of ordinary occupations. However, to be effective representatives of IT and engineering professionals, marketers, salespeople, recruiters, tops and a number of other positions. I also assume that you already know how to use LinkedIn, you have a registered profile and you are familiar with the basic functions.

Recently conducted research suggests that more and more recruiters are using professional social networks such as LinkedIn To search for employees, especially at key positions in the company.

For example, three years indicator LinkedIn use has almost doubled – from 22 to 38%.

LinkedIn usage rate for job search
LinkedIn usage rate for job search

Job search in LinkedIn can be divided into two stages: active and passive.

The active phase allows you to find their own jobs, while the passive help recruiters find you quickly and ahead of other candidates.

The second stage is very important to increase the number of views your profile. It views the profile and will gauge the effectiveness of councils.

All the advice I have primarily experienced the increased profile views from 40 per week to 210. Now my profile looks like this: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mpritula.

But statistics, which shows a sharp increase in views:

statistics of soaring views linkedin profile
Statistics of soaring views Linkedin profile

Before reading tips, see how many views your profile today. Click on the tab Profile → Who’s Viewed Your Profile:

number of views linkedin profile at the moment
Number of views linkedin profile at the moment

Also in a separate tab, you can see your ranking among all contacts. My rating now – 89 from 5500, but in my contacts are very powerful netvorkery, and overtake them simply unrealistic. There are those who have the number of pins has exceeded 30,000.

linkedin profile views rank
Linkedin profile views rank

Ordinary job search

So, job search on LinkedIn begins with the usual viewing positions. Here I can tell one life hacking.

Some companies are looking for Russian-speaking candidates to work in other countries. Therefore, when looking for jobs, remove the restriction on job search only in your country and in key phrases, type “Russian” (with quotes) – it will help to see jobs where needed candidates with knowledge of the Russian language in other countries.

If it is not limited to any particular research area of ​​work, at the time of writing, there was a 2768 vacancies where there is a phrase “Oklahoma”. Here, incidentally, the first of those caught in its name already indicates the search for finance job specialist in Oklahoma.

Subscribe to jobs

As with any job search site, LinkedIn allows you to subscribe to the new jobs. Highly I recommend to do this, as the probability that a recruiter looks resume, higher in those who responded in advance.

Search Status “looking for …”, or “look for …”

Many recruiters see Your professional headline or elsewhere in writing the names of the experts whom they are looking for. Then they add to my contacts people and thereby hinting that it is possible to discuss the job with them. But we can go to meet them and to search for those people.

We go in search of people to write keyword phrases “looking for XXX”, where XXX instead indicate the position or the scope.

That’s what we see when searching for the phrase “looking for java”:

Job search phrase "looking for java"
Job search phrase “looking for java”

Writing all recommendations

At LinkedIn there is an option “Send recommendation” or “seek advice”. I recommend to write a 3-5 recommendation to his colleagues and asked to write in response. Recruiters seeing recommendations will conclude that you are a qualified specialist (which will give you an extra 3-5 points out of 100).

The following tips will help you improve your position in the search results. When the recruiter scored in search of his sentence, for example java developer, he wants to find candidates who are engaged in it.

The higher your ranking in the search results, the sooner you will be redirected to the recruiter’s eyes.

The ranking in the search results is affected by many different factors (the number of contacts, the number of total contacts with those who seek, job titles, companies, projects, text information within the profile, and so on).

Therefore, the tips below will help you to raise the ranking in the SERP.

Load list of contacts from Facebook

Since LinkedIn is a social network, albeit professional, yet it is a competitor Facebook, and you will not be able to easily upload contact directly. But there is a very simple way, which helped me to unload all contacts from 3000 my profile in Facebook on LinkedIn.

This is done through a Yahoo mailbox.

To start any crank box on Yahoo.com. Then go to the section “Contacts” (icon on the top left, click on the button Actions button, choose where Imort, and a page to import contacts from Facebook). Imort click and get all the addresses from Facebook to Yahoo:

page for import contacts from facebook in yahoo inbox
Page for import contacts from facebook in yahoo inbox

After that go into LinkedIn, choose Import from Yahoo, and all your contacts are up to you an invitation to join on LinkedIn.

Loading contact list from Gmail and other mailboxes

Here, everything is much easier. LinkedIn is directly able to do it.

All these steps can greatly expand the number of contacts in LinkedIn, which will lead to an increase in profile views.

Prescribes the search keywords in the Summary

A very important role plays the information written in this section. Here it is necessary to specify all the keywords for your profession that will help recruiters find you.

At home I have ordered all those that are important for the position of HR-director.

Summary example for HR Director
Summary example for HR Director

Write keywords in every place of work

Also, do and for each place of employment. The last job I ordered all the keywords that recruiters will look for, as well as keywords that may interest netvorkerov.

keywords example in resume
Keywords example in resume

Netvorkery – these are people who are actively expand their network of contacts for different purposes.

Copy the keywords in the top 10

If you have a stupor when writing keywords, just copy them from the most successful colleagues and edit to your liking.

Find easily the most successful: hammer in search of a post, and LinkedIn will give a list of the most attractive profiles.

Writing achievements

This advice will add appeal to your summary. Recruiters in finding candidates can see 100-200 resume. Few people wrote in the summary of achievements, so if you have registered them at home, it will increase the chances of being selected for further contact.

Achievements should be written in the form of completed actions, preferably with an indication of numbers, percentages, and so forth.

I am writing achievement in job descriptions, making the skip asterisks:

achievements example
Achievements example

We describe volunteering

LinkedIn allows you to specify all the volunteer projects. At home I have pointed out those who were under the well-known organizations (eg, AIESEC) or are in tune with my position. This reinforces my profile in the search.

example of volunteer projects on LinkedIn
Example of volunteer projects on LinkedIn

Adding projects

Adding projects also enables us to strengthen the profile. There are two recommendations: in the name of the project should be words that reflect your position, as well as well-known companies. More projects I quote part in conferences.

Adding Slideshare presentation

Add only those presentations that really show your experience, but not the ordinary presentation of another idea.

Add the published article

It adds the ability to register keywords from your professional activity, which you can find. Recruiters always clog keywords in the search, so your profile will appear in search results.

Make a profile in two languages

This is a tedious process – translate your profile into another language. But someone may search for Russian word score, and since the profiles in Russian does not so much as in English, and the competition is less.

Contact with interesting companies and recruiters

The easiest way to get to eye prospective employer – to find it and add it to your contacts list. Make a list of interesting companies, hammer them in the search for and add to your contacts.

And now the secret, without which you will not succeed.

LinkedIn usually limits the addition to the friends of strangers. LinkedIn but not for mobile devices. Therefore, iPad, iPhone, Android – is your opportunity to add to contacts virtually any number of people.

I am after about 1000 additions and could not reach the limit. 🙂

Endorse of other people

At LinkedIn there is such feature – Endorse skills. Usually pops up at the top of the profile, and allows one button to make endors. The man immediately gets notified and runs to see who did it.

We use a feature, “Who seen profile»

Check who viewed your profile. If this is the interesting recruiters of interesting companies, add to contacts, and ask what can be useful.

We are looking for executive search, recruitment researcher, recruitment consultant at home and add (middle mouse button)

Very often, the one who you want to be hiding behind the title of the position described above. Hammer them in the search for and add to your contacts. The easiest way to add a middle mouse button – so adding faster.

Photo is large, the maximum visible face, smile, relaxed posture

quality a photo Where you can see the person at times increases your chances of a profile view. Look at the photos of the first two places at the higher profile view of my network of contacts:

Photo of the first two places for the most viewed profile
Photo of the first two places for the most viewed profile

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