8 tricks in LinkedIn, which you did not know

Linkedin Profile and Resume Writing Tips

We have talked for a long time, that you underestimate LinkedIn. Social network really helps to look for work or to find useful contacts, make interesting acquaintances and find loved ones on the career-minded people. Selection of life hacking (with capital letters) from Mashable.

1. Submit requests to add human contact than through the profile, and after the search

When you send a request to add to your contacts via the profile of the person, then you have every time to confirm that you are his / her know through one of these companies or educational institutions. To skip this process, just type in to find the name and surname of the person you want to contact and use the button “connect”, which is right next to the name in the list. And send an invitation.

2. Enable anonymous browsing, to fearlessly look at other people’s profiles

It could be your old friend from university, your new boss – is human nature to be interested in the past or present other (here is where the curiosity). Although LinkedIn be sure to notify those to whom you looked to see the profile.

Of course, it’s a bit strange, but if you are looking for a person to some position, then you have to go to the page and can you really do not want someone to have seen it. Well, it is possible to hide the fact that you visited other pages.

But for this you have to pay so that you too will not be able to see whether or not you who came to the page or not (if you have a basic set of functions).

3. Use advanced search to find the coolest contacts

Are you recruiter who is looking for a new employee, or simply looking for a job on LinkedIn, a simple search will not allow you to see the best results. LinkedIn It offers a set of functions paid for this, but will actually be sufficient and advanced search to filter the contacts and good candidates.

Paid features will give you the opportunity to select a more thorough and thoughtful, but a free set of functions – an adequate starting point for a successful search.

4. Import your email-contact

If you are using LinkedIn for a long time, then you probably already zakontachilis with everyone with whom you have worked. But here’s search for your email-contacts – a great way to find those with whom you have to deal with and who may be important to you in the future.

It can be much of a difference, and will not, but either way, if necessary, you will only have to write a message to make the first step in your business or find a job, or maybe just to offer partnership.

5. Make sure your profile describes your current job and your aspirations

Updating your profile can and will not take the first place ever in your to-do-list, but still need to refresh sometimes information about yourself. It is not necessary, of course, change the information about your education or work, but the addition of achievements will always be a good plus for keeping in touch and demonstrate that you are evolving.

Maybe this is more true for those who work in the media environment, design or other areas where important examples of even more than a job, but on the other hand, the update can afford indicate that you are a specialist narrow profile or are interested in some specific area.

6. Use groups

If you attempt to add to contacts stranger – invalid on LinkedIn rules action, join a group and find people with the same interests as you – no. There are groups of colleges and universities, as many areas of activity and organizations, companies, so if you become a part of such a group, it immediately will be able to search for people and filter them (with apreyzhenym profile).

In each group, there is a page with an open forum and a list of jobs to those who are as a group, could help each other. And yet, the fact that you are a member of the group instantly displayed on your page and all your contacts will be aware of what your interests are and what kind of experience are looking for (or want).

7. Ask friends to leave recommendations for you

Letters of recommendation can instantly help you find a job, LinkedIn allows users to advise employees of the company. Of course, it will first be embarrassed to ask to write a recommendation, but you need to know that they will act immediately and will be an excellent proof of your experience. And yet it will be proof that people really enjoyed working with you, if they have decided to declare this publicly.

8. Save search terms to receive email-notification

If you are looking for a new job, you can save the search criteria and subscribe to daily, weekly or monthly newsletter. This is an excellent way to make social networking work for you if you are looking for a job for themselves.

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