How to find out who viewed your LinkedIn profile

Linkedin Profile and Resume Writing Tips

You are rethinking their place on Facebook? Then come on LinkedIn. The “who viewed your profile” in a professional network could be the first step towards a new professional relations, professional development and career breaks.

Change mind. When the last time you spent some time to truly understand the members who visited your profile on LinkedIn? What did you do with the crumbs they left behind? Tool “who viewed your profile” can give you some tips …

What is your account on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has free and premium accounts. Your access to viewing your profile on the panel “who viewed your profile” depending on your account settings, privacy of your account, and the people who visit your profile.

Basic (free) account LinkedIn

If you have a free account, you will be able to see up to five results that on who views your profile on the number of visits to your profile, and how many times you appear in search results.

These three ideas to help you build a professional network:

  • Their positions.
  • Where do your audience profile.
  • Where did they find you.

To see these last five profile views, you need to turn on the display of your name and title on the visibility settings of your profile page.

To include the name and title, click me icon on your home page. Follow these steps:

  1. Click Settings and Privacy Click the Privacy tab.
  2. Scroll down to the How others see your activity on LinkedIn profile. Click and expand the profile settings view.
  3. Under Choose what others can see when you looked at their profilvyberite show your name and title.

The selection will be saved automatically.

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