How in 7 days to bring your LinkedIn to the top 3% and get a flurry of job offers

Article instruction on how to make your LinkedIn CV-marked and with the help of small tricks to find a dream job.

Your dreams work itself you will not find. Unless you do not make it appear that all his life dreamed to 40 years to work for 40 thousand rubles, 40 kilometers from Moscow. I recently returned from a seven-month journey through Southeast Asia and began promoting his resume LinkedIn. That’s what it led to.

Remote work in the Canadian Company, free schedule, with the percentage of each customer and move to New Jersey.

How do you get the same result

To paraphrase a famous saying, we can say that you do not choose LinkedIn (you simply place resume wherever possible), but LinkedIn may well help someone choose you.

Input: As you can see, I had a certain number of contacts in LinkedIn, but the summary was not very popular. I, like many of you, updated it once a year.

linkedin Profile ranking before promotion
linkedin Profile ranking before promotion

Over the next seven days, my profile is entered in the top 3% ranking among my 2560 friends and every day improves position.

linkedIn profile statistics for 4 days

Every day, I get five job offers three proposals to participate in the startup or take up the project. I am discovering new opportunities and looking for some love and get invitations to the Hackathon, events, IT crowd.

This is a story that runs in LinkedIn, and what is not. And also about the small, but very effective tricks in order to be noticeable.

LinkedIn Profile Ranking after promotion
LinkedIn Profile Ranking after promotion

I note only that all tips are aimed solely at attracting attention to your resume. All actions for the passage of the interview, or attempts to prove their competence is still in your hands. Go!

Networking on LinkedIn begins with a Resume

To learn how to write a resume selling better tell me this article. Squeeze for the lazy:

  1. Task summary – reflect your skills and abilities, the most important for a particular profession. For example, for the selling profession it is important to show how and what you bring to the company’s profits. For technical and IT professionals it is very important to describe the product creation skills and ability to use various technologies to marketing professionals – reflect the implemented projects and so on.
  2. Articulate their strengths thus: “I got X compared to Y because doing Z». Most people write in the summary something like: “I wrote a column for The New York Times». Better in another way to say, “I have published 50 columns because the deeply analyze such a region for three years. Although on average invited columnists published on six columns. ” I would like to demonstrate such a quality; here’s the story, illustrating it; and that’s how this story demonstrates this quality. And here is how this quality will bring you and your company benefit.
  3. Cool summary – this summary is built into a success story. In it can be seen as related to your education, career path, all kinds of training and certificates, personal qualities and position you are looking for. All your achievements can be turned into a benefit for the employer. Except that the CCM rank of whining and blaming others.

These are the main points on which accentuated when writing your CV. In his training, I spent three days and one more day – in the translation of the summary into English. After he took the promotion and networking.

Active promotion on LinkedIn

With the active promotion should be more or less clear: you are looking for by searching interesting for yourself people and send them an invitation to join your network of contacts.

In this case, when looking for a job, you will be useful to contact IT-recruiter, HR, Talent Acquisition – these are the key words that you are driven into the search. And add to your contacts.

But there is one trick. LinkedIn does not allow large quantities to invite people via the website, so just set iOS- or Android-powered application, and can add the right people without restrictions with a single click + add.

What is LinkedIn Rank and how it affects the Resume view

LinkedIn Rank – is an indicator that affects the position of your CV in the ranking shows among your friends. The higher the score, the more summary is displayed in the search results, attracting attention and gaining more views.

Once again duplicates screenshot for clarity: to promote and seven days.

LinkedIn Profile Rank comparison before and after promotion
LinkedIn Profile Rank comparison before and after promotion

To improve LinkedIn Rank, you need to actively add new friends, improve your skills Endorse, collect feedback from previous employers, fill projects and much more.

As I did:

  • Looking for people on the keywords: CEO, marketer, founder, co-founder, investor, growth hacker, growth, retentioneer and so on.
  • Added to these keywords Saint Petersburg, Toronto, Bay area, New York, Moscow and so on.
  • He adds all of whom gave me search through the app (as did five days).
  • For everyone who supports my request to friends, I did Endorse their skills (decipher below). 5% did Endorse me in response, thereby confirming my skills.
  • Completed everything that could fill: collected testimonials from previous employers, have education, he stuck his articles, rewrote Summary.
  • I meet all the people that wrote me messages. Five days was 35 posts, of which 10 posts with manifest interest in me, four messages with the proposal to go interview One – to join a startup. Other messages in the spirit: “I +100500 connections, treat, if that.”

Confirmed by other specialist skills

Another working equipment – do Endorse other professionals coming into their profile. Endorse – it is confirmation of skills and the other person’s competence on LinkedIn.

For example, you know that Maya is really versed in management, restaurant business and several other disciplines. And confirms its skills, simply by clicking on the plus in front of them in her profile.

Endorse in LinkedIn
Endorse in LinkedIn

Skill is incremented, and next appears as an avatar is your social proof.

Your task – to acknowledge some skills each person you add to your friends. In my experience, 5% reciprocate and do the same Endorse. And this is exactly what we need.

When your skills will gain 10 confirmations and more, people will continue to do so without your active participation. Here is the result of seven days of active promotion.

Passive promotion on LinkedIn

We pay special attention to Summary

Recruiters to find you on their own, you need to prepare a steep summary. Summary – these are the first five paragraphs of your resume. If there is no written catchy, the HR-managers (and indeed all the cool kids) will continue to not look.

Without an attractive and interesting summary all your active involvement and remains empty shakes LinkedIn, though you are 10 thousand people add.

This is the most important part of your work on your profile!

I wrote summary on the following principle:

  • Who am I.
  • What tools do I use and that I can.
  • What to expect (who should pay attention to my CV which employers, with some suggestions for me to handle, my preference).

The rest of the profile too is important, so it, too, fill carefully: add skills, publications, awards and more.

Summary supporting structure, which you can use for yourself:

  • Briefly about myself. (I did not write, but most people write in the “Who Am I” a brief description of the company in which they work or have worked. If a company has the status as Coca-Cola, it draws attention to their profile. Many just briefly presented. And then already written about the tools that are used in the work, and so on.)
  • Experience and skills.
  • Personal qualities.
  • What benefits can bring to the company.
  • The purpose of a resume or expectations.

As I realized this

I love and understand numbers. Basic tools – Excel, Google Docs, Sketch, «Yandeks.Metrika», SQL, LPgenerator. I can read the code, edit vorstku (HTML, CSS), I have a critical look at the things that had formed since the work of a tester.

I have the skill settings retargeting “VKontakte” and “Yandex” on 10 thousand of keywords. I can write SQL-queries to the database, extract, analyze and use this information to improve the key indicators of the project.

Have experience MailChimp adjustment and trigger email-newsletters. Lead generation with the skills: creating a landing page or multilending, sending traffic to it, spend A / B testing, monitoring and analyzing the results. Without the help plug the programmer analyst, domain and hosting mood, make a simple design, HTML- or CSS-vorstku.

I am working on quality without outside control. Independently I set myself the task, based on the needs and goals of the project, choose Tools, appreciate time and on them. Fast learner and learn new things.

Have experience of writing columns for Lifehacker, Siliconrus, Spark, Habrahabr and Medium. I can well enough to write in Russian and English, translation of technical and journalistic texts. I speak conversational English.

He received a technical education. I have five years of experience in IT in different positions: freelance (this is not a position – a state of mind), QA, PM, mentor startups, blogger, founder and head of its projects.

I expect that my profile will pay attention to companies that need an internet marketer / hacker growth / analyst. I consider positions in St. Petersburg or remotely. Preference is given to companies with fewer than 50 people or startups with complex and interesting tasks, with the ability to achieve tangible and quantifiable results and learn new things.

Keywords, or how to get in the search results

There are hundreds of keywords that recruiters are looking for one or another specialty. You need to write down all the words and add to the description of your very first work (it is at the bottom of resume), separating them by three asterisks.

LinkedIn keywords
LinkedIn keywords

Technical tricks in LinkedIn

Automate the process of adding as friend

If you go to a page “people you know”, we can see that LinkedIn offers people with whom you are familiar with the potential.

Massively add people to Friends handles – this is a very long and boring. So I’ll tell you how you can automate the process and why this method works only a certain time.

On the page People You May Know You need to call the bar for developers. To do this, right-click and select Inspect Element. Then go to the Console tab.

the script to add friends to LinkedIn
the script to add friends to LinkedIn

The next step – is to copy and paste this find JavaScript-code and then press Enter. The script will start automatically add new friends.

setInterval (function () {
var connectBtns = document.getElementsByClassName ( 'bt-request-buffed');
for (var i = 0; i <connectBtns.length; i ++) {
console.log (connectBtns [i]);
connectBtns [i] .click ()
}, 500);

Less of this method is that LinkedIn tracking user behavior on a page. And when he notices the behavior that is different from the human, it qualifies it as the presence of robots and blocks the ability to use scripts. So what happened to me after the third run of the script.

We send out announcements and offer friends on LinkedIn

Let’s say you need to make the announcement or an offer to all our friends. To do this, you can export email from LinkedIn and do on the basis of submissions.

How to get email from Linkedin

  1. Go to this link, Select CSV format, and click Export. Export email from LinkedInExport email from LinkedIn
  2. Open, where all of your Google-documents are stored, and then drag the exported file in a browser window.
  3. Open it using Google Spread sheets, remove any extra columns and save.

We strongly recommend to carefully select the target people to send, not to spam those who potentially will be your offer interesting.

For example, you are going to send all the owners and founders of the company offer of cooperation. To do this using the filter you remove the email only the company’s CEO. Select all the columns and choose Data → Filter.

Sort email
Sort email

Then, by clicking on the desired us to filter, choose what kind of results we want to withdraw. For example, I want to see the email of the company’s founder from his list of contacts on LinkedIn. To do this, I press on the icon watering and doing the following in the Job Title column.

Pay special attention to the letter with a proposal in which you ask about the service or offer your own. 20-30 Write different titles to choose the best option; Ask a friend to subtract a letter and correct errors.

Write one letter to one person, referring to him by name and explaining where you took him email.

But there is a more rapid, though less “confidence” way – to set up MailChimp-mail and send your proposal through the whole database of available addresses at a time.

The advantages of this method is that you will have statistics: the number of delivered, opened, read emails. A paid version will be able to share more traffic and conduct A / B testing on the catchy headline writing.

How to get email from Facebook

Let’s say you are going to notify all their Facebook friends that created a resume on LinkedIn, or started to provide professional services. Write personal messages to everyone – it is a long time, and download them quickly as LinkedIn, will not work.

Therefore, first of all register a mailbox on

When you first visit you will be asked if you want to link your Facebook-account and export all contacts. Agree! Next go to chrome: // settings / content, and turn off JavaScript.

Chrome settings
Chrome settings

Yahoo asked whether you really want to disable it? Agree.


After you disable JavaScript, you can select and copy any information in the Yahoo-mail, including address and email. Copy the entire list of email-addresses and transfer them to the previously created Google-table, as is the case with LinkedIn.

Copy contacts from Yahoo mail
Copy contacts from Yahoo mail

These are the basic techniques and tricks that I used when pumping his resume on LinkedIn. Using them, you can easily repeat my result.

Results of the weekly LinkedIn-hustle

All my movements eventually led to the following actual result:

  • 13 interviews;
  • Five test tasks (drawing up a strategy of product / service, marketing solution Case advance);
  • four proposals to start work / cooperation on probation;
  • three official job offer (job offer): Canadian company, New Jersey company, and startup of San Francisco; one failure (didn’t fit).

In the end, I accepted the offer to Canadians. The rest politely refused. Like going to a week ago, I moved to Nebraska, working remotely noon, get a great experience and 2500 dollars plus a bonus.

For a week the company earned 14 000 dollars, spending $ 4 800, despite the fact that I’m still studying and to know the new methods.


Conclusion: LinkedIn really works!

If you have any difficulties with job search or the involvement of interesting clients and partners – Now loans to their resume on LinkedIn.

Let my advice and my experience will help you find exactly the job of which you have been dreaming.

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