Linkedin Profile and Resume Writing Tips

Why is it good to use LinkedIn promotion for marketing? We’ll explain.

  • Firstly, the level of involvement of followers on LinkedIn is 4 times higher than on other social networks. And none of the users even think about how to delete resume on linkedin to save their valuable time.
  • Secondly, the updated status on LinkedIn covers 20% of the audience. In other social networks, only full-fledged articles get such coverage, so update statuses systematically. And do not forget to add your resume, detailed instructions on how to do this can be found here:
  • Thirdly, LinkedIn is very popular among IT professionals around the world.
  • Fourth, up to 57% of the world’s companies are already registered on LinkedIn, but only 17% of small American companies use this platform.

LinkedIn has enough involved users, so they replicate valuable and unique information.

What do We Know about the LinkedIn Audience?

71.5% of LinkedIn users are outside the United States, with over 20 million registered users living in the UK and over 12 million in Canada.

Buying intent: 50% of B2B buyers use LinkedIn to make purchasing decisions.

The platform is constantly increasing its authority. LinkedIn has several sources of financial income:

  • HR-service of the company, with pleasure using the network to search for employees;
  • traditional advertising for social networks;
  • selling premium accounts.

Why do Professionals Love LinkedIn?

1. LinkedIn can be easily used in business.

2. Company owners are three times more likely to subscribe to the pages of corporations and enterprises in this particular social network.

3. Most of the heads of departments of a wide variety of companies are subscribed to the pages of suppliers.

4. More than half of the leaders and owners of companies trust the information received from friends on LinkedIn, deciding on the purchase of a service or equipment.

So, conclusion number two: LinkedIn can be used not only for entertainment, such as Facebook or Myspace, but also as a source of conversion traffic and even sales.

Linkedin promotion

Professional LinkedIn Lifehacks

Finally, we come to the most interesting: how to use LinkedIn to promote a business? We share free tips.

Important: tips will only help if you already have a personal account here and a certain number of followers.

Tip number 1

Register, just create a page for your company. Check that the page appears in the directory of companies. Fill it in as much detail as possible – everything is as usual: describe the audience, enter contact information. When describing activities, use keywords related to the activities of the company. According to these words, it will be easy for users to find you. Lead the page as usual – update statuses, publish news, announcements of materials of your company.

Tip number 2

Create groups and join existing communities. You do this in order to unite the audience who are interested in the subject matter of your project. When upgrading your group, do not forget to join thematically similar communities. Also observe the unwritten rules of cleanliness of communication in communities: publish information useful to other members of the group, do not abuse advertising, etc.

Tip number 3

Do not forget about regular publications. Your task is to show followers that you are an expert in the field of interest. Important: the content should be strictly thematic, no “water” or rude advertising.

Important: when updating posts, you can and should add links to third-party resources and to your own (professional) articles. Do not neglect even mailing to personal contacts and groups. Show attention to colleagues – add likes and comments to their publications, it is always nice.

Tip number 4

Unpleasant, but necessary: ​​pitfalls. LinkedIn, although it allows you to promote and promote your project among narrow-profile professionals, is primarily the basis of the resume and has a number of limitations:

  • You can send a friend request Only 300 times.
  • If you replenish the “friends” database too often, you will most likely be blocked.
  • You cannot be a member of more than 50 groups.

Who has Already Succeeded?

The success story of Bank of Sydney is an example of a successful global case study on LinkedIn. The bank changed its name and was faced with the need for a new market position. Using LinkedIn tools, the company not only was able to qualitatively assess the level of new candidates, but also achieved the necessary information about their new brand and values. Thus, thanks to the activity at the Bank of Sydney site, we managed to create a unique corporate culture focused on people – customers, employees, job seekers. The staff turnover over the next year decreased by 50%, and profitability increased by 83%.

Here is an example of a case study of a domestic company specializing in voluntary health insurance that successfully uses LinkedIn to promote its brand. Using the above tips, the company for six months increased the number of contacts to 1,500 people. “Live” sales regularly come from the group, the company receives about 15 leads per month, which is a good result.

Therefore, we recommend that everyone, promoting their project, do not neglect LinkedIn, a useful and at the same time low-cost platform.

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