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Linkedin Profile and Resume Writing Tips

LinkedIn – the world’s largest social network for business communication, with over 500 million users in 200 countries and regions.

Company’s mission It is to bring together professionals around the world for their professional activities more effective and successful. When you join LinkedIn, you get access to information about people, jobs, news, updates and other valuable information that helps you build a successful career.

He founded in 2002, Reid Hoffman (Reid Hoffman), a web site was officially launched on May 5, 2003. Reid Hoffman emphasized the fundamental network functions written in his profile: “The best way to get my attention as an investor – is to provide me with advice from the man I know.”

Here are the main advantages of this network:

  • It brings together professionals from around the world to exchange information, training and success.
  • Shows your competitiveness, that is, It shows others how you keep up with the industry and up to date with the key trends, information and transformation; share tips on working methods, benchmarks and modern instruments.
  • It provides the best opportunity to find work and customers, as well as in establishing and maintaining business relationships.

The importance of social networking site LinkedIn for business contacts is similar to tying the importance Google to search for information on the Internet. If you are not registered in LinkedIn, then you do not exist for the world as a professional.

How to fill in your LinkedIn profile?

Do you have a strategic plan to build your career? It’s time to put it into action. The best start – creating a professional backgrounds on the Internet, including using and Linkedin.

  • Detailed instructions: How to fill in your LinkedIn profile
  • My profile on LinkedIn: Raisa Sorokina

Make sure that you have filled in the profile to 100%. Be sure to use keywords and phrases from the job description to fill in sections: “General information”, “education”, “experience”, “skills”. When searching for candidates, recruiters use keywords.

linkedin keywords
linkedin keywords

SlideShare and LinkedIn

Note also the service SlideShare.net, because LinkedIn is the owner of this resource. In 2012, LinkedIn acquired SlideShare service and now all users of LinkedIn can add your resume in the “Overview” section Portfolio / presentation with a single click. You can also share your presentation in social networks, send it by email, post on the site.

How to obtain the highest level of profile in LinkedIn

  1. Fill in as much detail your profile – follow all the steps of instructions and use as a basis an example of my profile in LinkedIn.
  2. Regularly maintained and updated their profile: make the publication, place the portfolio, share links, participate in discussion topics on your specialty, join the professional community, etc.

And soon you will get here is the message:

highest level of profile in LinkedIn
Highest level of profile in LinkedIn

EXAMPLE profile Charles Bremen highest level

Title: Statement

  • Practitioner coaching consultant job search and career building, A certified business coach with 20 years of experience in sales, management, training and recruitment in the largest Russian and foreign companies, including Schwarzkopf & Henkel, L’Oreal, Avon, Happyland, Termex and others. The only Russian coach interviewer that prepares candidates for interviews.
  • Experience in recruitment and employability of candidates from different areas, including sales, business development, investment, HR, marketing, finance, medicine, IT, banks, etc., as well as the positions of various levels from a specialist to a top manager.
  • Founder and author BOSSHUNT site – one of the best online resource that contains 400+ publications in search of work and the topic includes practical tips, advice and case studies. Was marked WORK.ua – site employment №1 in the CIS. As one of my clients: «Bosshunt – a storehouse of knowledge for the job seeker.” Visit their website at: https://bosshunt.ru
  • Author and host of training courses for the various types of interviews:“Effective interview”, “Master of the interview,” “Interview with no effort.” 500+ customers.
  • expert on writing resumes,author of “struck on the spot. # Summary “: A Practical Guide to Creating a resume and cover letter. Hundreds of people have read my book, began to receive more invitations to interview.

Review my client’s Eugene H .: “After 10 unsuccessful job interviews, I asked the Rais for help. Raisa helped me not only the logical content of the responses to questions about personnel management, but also has charged me with positive energy, gave me confidence, and inspired me to achieve maximum results. As a result, I was able to get a quote from the first time in the company of my dreams, for which I am infinitely grateful to Raisa “. Prochitat numerous stories my clients success here.

Section: Work experience

Coach interviewer | The coach recruitment

Professional, who knows the most advanced HR-practices.
My mission – to help companies find decent staff and a decent job candidates.
My mottoI care about you and your success.

Services for companies:

* Consulting business leaders on the selection and training of personnel. * Development and implementation of selection programs, adaptation, evaluation, rotation of personnel motivation. * Develop training programs to improve the competitiveness of the company through the development of professional and personal quality of employees, bringing the available knowledge and skills in compliance with the objectives of the company, personnel policy, competitive environment, modern standards and learning technologies. * Implementation of the selection of projects of the new team for the companys:

  • preparation of candidates profiles on the basis of applications for the selection.
  • holding phone, Skype and confrontation interviews.
  • closing of positions at all levels.
  • Organization certification, testing, monitoring and other types of analysis and control of the professional level of personnel.

Services for candidates:

1. Preparation summary: Consultation “For Sale summary”.

2. Prepare for the interview:

  • “Effective interviewing ‘ – a training course for the first interview with HR and recruitment agency.
  • “Master of the interview” – a training course for the second interview with the head.
  • “Interview with no effort” – training course for the two stages of interviews.

3. VIP-course: “Personal Coach” – individual client services at all stages of the job search.

Business coach, Avon, 2013
Avon – an international cosmetics company that works on the principle of direct selling and which is among the top 100 global brands.

The basis of my success– synergy of professional use of sales techniques and skills training. Impact on the participants of the training by changing their behavior in practice, leading to an increase in KPI.

Core competencies:personnel selection | Education | training | coaching | Direct sales

* Control recruiting activities for search and recruitment. * Selection and assessment of staff, drawing up personal development plans, providing developmental feedback. * Organization and conducting of classroom and field training under the program of internal training staff. * Participation in staff development projects. * Develop programs training across the spectrum of business topics for the company needs and your standards * trainings / coaching sessions on themes. “The art of recruitment”, “Human Resource Management”, “sales Techniques”, “Tiepolo customers Gia “,” Negotiation “,” Personal efficiency “,” Leadership “,” Presentation “,” Time Management “* posttreningovoe support, coaching * Distance learning:.. online courses, webinars, Skype.

* Introduce new model of direct search of new representatives and coordinators. 85% of a set of recommendations had been closed by the staff. * Develop an effective search system, recruitment and retention of new members. Growth of key indicators of sales amounted to 25% (2013 vs. 2012). * Play a key role in project groups to create programs to improve motivation, selection, adaptation, evaluation and training. The successful introduction of new products to optimize business processes.

I am grateful to the company for getting a new experience in direct sales, and for the opportunity to realize themselves as a business coach.

Training Coach | Regional Manager, L’Oréal

L’Oreal – an international company, the leader of the world market of perfumery and cosmetics. Today, L’Oreal – that’s 30 international beauty brands represented in more than 130 countries.

Working in a team of professionals– the best experts of HR, managers and business coaches. Getting the experience of effective management of the sales teams in the region to achieve the targets of the company. Experience of successful integration, the development of skills and competencies of the employees.

Core competencies:management | leadership | training | coaching | Retail sales

Strategic and tactical management of: * the development and management of sales across all channels of sales * software revenue growth, market share, sales volume and the quality of relations with partners * budget management * Predicting monthly / quarterly / annual sales * negotiations with the first…. company officials and key customers.

HR: * managing the recruitment and selection of personnel in the command * interviews * Development and implementation of incentive programs, selection, adaptation, evaluation and training of staff rotation…
* The development team through training and coaching * conducting competency assessments and potential of employees * conducting trainings “7 visit steps”, “Active sales”, “Negotiation”, “Conscious management”, “Secrets of a successful presentation,” “We – one.. command “et al.

* Form an effective team (30+), and we have carried out on 120% of the plan (2013 vs. 2012). * Received promotion to regional manager position to work with key customers (2013).

I am grateful to companies and their leaders for the opportunity to express themselves in a new role – coach training, which determined my new turn in his career.

Business Development Manager | Regional Representative, Henkel

Henkel Group – an international company operating in three areas: detergents, cosmetics and personal care products, household products and adhesives for remonta.Segodnya Henkel – a leader in brands and technologies is the leader in the world, products are represented in over 150 countries. I worked in the cosmetic department Schwarzkopf & Henkel.

A leader who can lead,consolidate and develop employees and attract new talent. During his work in the company, I had reached a high professional level.

Key competencies: Sales Management | Motivation of staff | Problem solving

* Organization and distribution development in the region * the management team:. Setting objectives, monitoring performance, motivation * Performing LIABILITY sales plans * Implementing trade marketing programs * Manage the recruitment and selection of personnel, conducting interviews * active search and attract new ones…. customers.

* To create a team of high quality sellers (25+) with a strong focus on sales Extra results. * Distributors in the region brought in leaders of sales. turnover growth amounted to 85% (2011 vs. 2010). * I received the award in the category “Best Regional Representative” for the highest sales growth of + 47% (2012 vs. 2011).

I am grateful to the company for the experience in the field of sales and for mastering the skills of team management and negotiation. I also appreciate the opportunity to pass training to improve their skills.

Regional Representative, Termex Group

Thermex Group companies – an international holding company – a specialized manufacturer of water heaters. Founded in Italy in the Russian market since 1990. goda.Segodnya company is one of three world leaders in production of water heaters, whose products are represented in more than 160 countries around the world.

Ensuring sales growthin a given area through efficient management. Experience of working with a high degree of autonomy and a proactive attitude, the ability to non-standard approach to problem solving, the ability to systematically organize their work and focus on customer needs and results.

Core competencies:strategy | budgeting | Troubleshooting | proactivity

* Creation of the development strategy of the territory. * Planning and analysis of key performance indicators. * Execution of sales plans. * Active search and attract new customers. * Negotiations with key customers. * Development and implementation of promotional programs for sales personnel of key customers. * Advising on technical issues and the resolution of disputes with customers.

Results: * formed by active network of customers in the region * have concluded 12 agreements with major players in the market.. sales growth of 220% (2007 vs. 2006).

I am grateful to the company for the trust and provide a new experience of independent business in the region.

Regional Sales Manager, Athanasius-beer

Brewery “beer-Athanasius” is one of the largest manufacturers.

The management team, responsible decision-making and a manifestation of firmness in upholding the principled stance in negotiations with customers and partners.

Core competencies: Planning Motivation I I I Negotiations Teamwork

* Execution of business tasks in the territory: Cherepovets and Velikiy Novgorod.
* Organization of the process of working with Distributors. * Planning and control of the conditions of contract. * Recruitment, training and integration of new employees. * Development and implementation of marketing programs.

* Develop and implement a new incentive scheme for sales representatives. The average KPI amounted to 110% (2006 vs. 2005). * To reduce the receivables in arrears by 35% through the introduction of a simplified scheme of the return process of the customer. * Perform the task to reduce the margin from 30% to 15-20% due to the negotiation and new signing additional agreements with key customers.

I am grateful to the company for the opportunity to realize himself as a leader and get a professional experience in management, selection, training and motivation.

Sales Representative, Happyland

. “Happyland” – one of the leading manufacturers of low-alcohol and alcoholic beverages: Jaguar, Red Devil, «Casanova”, “Trophy”, etc. Over the years, the corporation “Happyland” is the absolute leader of Russian low-alcohol industry with a market share of 30%.

Getting experience in startup, in which the sales department only formed and I was responsible for 1/4 of the territory.

Core competencies: Retail sales negotiations I I Presentation I Work with objections

* It has formed an active customer base of 75+ 6 months. * I received the award for “Best Sales Representative” for the maximum percentage of the sales plan for 85% (2005 vs. 2004.

I thank the company for having given me a free hand and allowed to master the skills of sales.

Office Manager | Merchandiser, Athanasius-beer

Brewery “beer-Athanasius” is one of the largest manufacturers. Today, “Athanasius-beer” is presented in different regions of Russia and abroad and is developing new manufacturing markets.

He began working in the company as a merchandiser, and 4 months later moved to the position of office manager.

Core competencies:Analytical skills | Telephone calls | Business communication

* Coordination of sales representatives and merchandisers. * Control of accounts receivable. * Registration and processing of incoming calls to potential clients. * Planned roll call of clients in order to promote the production and collection of orders.

* In 2002 it was launched an innovative project in the new scheme of direct sales, in which I played a key role in guiding a group of sales representatives in the new area of ​​responsibility. * Introduce a new project for 3 months. In 2002 received the title of “Best in Profession” by the following KPI works with sales, the growth of the active labor customer base, minimizing the level of accounts receivable.

I am grateful to the company “Athanasius-beer” and my first head Natalia Ivanova for what they believed in me and gave me the opportunity to prove my organizational and analytical skills. This was my first experience, to identify further career path in sales.

3-6 Montessori teacher, preschool №55

Montessori education – education system proposed by Maria Montessori. The Montessori method is based on an individual approach to each child, as well as the observation of the child in the natural surroundings and taking it for what it is.

Work as a teacher in the commercial group with children aged 3 to 6 years. It follows the basic principles of Montessori pedagogy: “Help me to do it myself.”

My role was to manage the child’s self-activity and interaction with parents. I used an innovative and creative approach.

Core competencies:Education | development | communication | Creativity

* Guided self-employed child. * Helps children to discover and realize their full potential. * Spent working together with teachers and parents groups.

I am grateful for giving me the help and support of colleagues on my first job.

Category: Courses

  • “Key skills coach”
  • “The methodology of creation and the training”
  • “Development of the training programs”
  • “Oratory”
  • “Creating a working atmosphere at the training”
  • “Group Dynamics Control Techniques”
  • “Effectiveness of sales management”
  • “Managing emotions”
  • “Management: a conscious impact on employees’
  • “Effective Leadership”
  • “Sales Skills”
  • “Analytical sale”
  • “Basics of Commerce”
  • “Fundamentals of sales: 1-2-3”
  • “Negotiations: Garvardskiky style”
  • “Negotiations: Hard Style»
  • “Economics and Finance for Non-Financial Managers”

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