What is LinkedIn and why is it needed

Linkedin Profile and Resume Writing Tips

Why do you need a LinkedIn profile at a time when the idea of ​​digital detox is becoming more and more popular and people are trying, on the contrary, to spend as little time as possible on social networks? The answer is: if you are actively developing your career, and even more so if you are looking for a job (even if passively), it is definitely worth registering on LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network for business communication, employee search and open vacancies. Therefore, the list of your LinkedIn friends, most likely, will not be your former classmates, but colleagues from different places of work and HRs of different companies. Even statuses on LinkedIn are not about marital status, but about how actively the user is looking for a job and what kind of job.

Why LinkedIn is needed

Finding a job is just one of the reasons to sign up on LinkedIn. After all, LinkedIn is a social networking site, not a website for the unemployed.

So, let’s tell you what LinkedIn is usually needed for.

• Career development and job search. You can search for jobs on LinkedIn, connect with recruiters and employees of companies you are interested in, and compare your profile with those of other members (a service available in the paid version of LinkedIn Premium) and draw conclusions about your competitiveness.

• Business: expanding and strengthening professional ties. Add potential business partners as friends – even if they do not even know about your existence yet, your cooperation can begin with an online acquaintance.

• Sales: LinkedIn is also used to strengthen connections with customers or potential buyers and find new leads.

• Search for employees: HRs actively use LinkedIn to quickly find the right candidates, contact them directly and keep in touch with those specialists who are not yet looking for work, but are potentially interesting to the company.

Thus, keeping a page on LinkedIn will be useful even for those who are not looking for a job: to keep in touch in their professional environment, keep abreast of the latest industry trends and develop their own business.

How LinkedIn differs from Facebook

It would seem that you can look for a job and add professionally interesting people as friends on Facebook, why not limit yourself to them? Still, it is LinkedIn that is a social network created specifically to expand the network of professional contacts and find work. There are many more career opportunities.

You will know exactly who and how many times has viewed your profile. Likewise, your views will be visible to other users. There is an anonymous browsing function in the settings, but we do not recommend abusing it: what is the point of hiding if you went to LinkedIn precisely to announce yourself and your searches?

You can attach not only photos and videos to your posts on LinkedIn, but also other documents, such as Word and PDF. This is a useful feature considering LinkedIn posting resumes, portfolios, or test assignments for candidates.

You can post articles on LinkedIn. In addition to traditional posts, LinkedIn gives users the ability to publish full, detailed articles with illustrations and rich formatting options. This is convenient if you find it difficult to find another external publishing platform or you know for sure that your article is of interest to the LinkedIn audience.

Your LinkedIn profile is your resume. By filling it out, you indicate the same information that is usually added to the resume. You can download your LinkedIn profile in one click in pdf format – and now your beautifully designed resume with all the necessary sections and a photo is ready. So just update your information on time – and you won’t have to suffer over how to write a resume.

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